Early Childhood State Advisory Council


On January 7, 2022, Governor Parson signed Executive Order 22-01 creating the Missouri Early Childhood State Advisory Council to improve efficiency and maximize coordination of a unified system of Early Care & Education programs to support the healthy development and school readiness for all Missouri children birth through age five.


Executive Order 22-01


With this executive order, the State Interagency Coordinating Council (SICC) and the Coordinating Board for Early Childhood (CBEC) were consolidated in one council that mirrors the membership of the SICC and CBEC.


Council Details                Council Bylaws


The Office of Childhood looks forward to the opportunity to streamline Missouri’s efforts to increase access to, and quality of, care and education during the early years, especially for traditionally underserved populations.


Strategic Plan


Through this comprehensive plan for early childhood programs and services, the Office of Childhood and it’s important partners will work towards shared goals, objectives, and strategies to ensure the identified action items are accomplished and progress towards a stronger Missouri system is measured.


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Through this advisory council, together, we can ensure all children have access to early childhood opportunities and all families have access to the resources and services that they need for their children to be safe, healthy, and successful learners.